Our qualified team will assist both importers and exporters from beginning to end with clearance of Ocean, Air or Road Freight. Our clearing process begins with correctly tariffing and processing relevant documents for clearance by Customs, payment of port/cargo dues and the final release of goods. Our relationship with Customs through the years assist in timely clearance formalities which is enhanced by our regular communication with officials to facilitate the additional information and requirements requested by customs. This accurate and timeous processing of Customs regulations, tariffs and other requirements benefit our clients financially and aid the time constraints clients may have.

Easy Freight also advises and offers information on various relevant legislation, tariff schedules and Customs facilities as well as customs exam supervision services. We are able to clear goods nationally and have agents at major ports for assistance if required. Our clients receive shipment status reports, immediate investigation and resolution of discrepant, damaged or short-landed cargo claims.

We keep up to date with technological advances to ensure our processes, systems and communication with Customs are efficient and relevant. We strive to keep moving toward better service.